Olympus 37DL Plus



The Olympus 37DL PLUS is an advanced NDT ultrasonic thickness gauge that
combines powerful measurement features with sophisticated data acquisition and output capabilities
for storage tank and pipeline applications. The 37DL PLUS ultrasonic thickness gauge includes
several innovative features that simplify true metal thickness measurements, even through coated and
painted surfaces. The patented Thru-Coat technology measures and displays the thickness of the metal
part and its coating using a “single backwall echo.”

Multiple viewing options allow for optimal visibility using the Olympus 37DL Plus ultrasonic
thickness gauge.

Available for the 37DL+:

  • 5-step calibration block, in 0.1″ increments, available in stainless and carbon steel
  • Lemo-BNC adapters, for use with the Jireh Crawler


  • Patented Thru-Coat™ technology measures and displays the thickness of the
    metal part and its coating using a ‘single backwall echo’.
  • Temperature Compensation feature
    adjusts the material velocity for changes in material temperature.
  • Optional Oxide/Scale
    feature measures and displays the thickness of the steel and the oxide/scale build-up.
  • Average/Min mode saves the average or minimum of several successive thickness measurements.
  • A-scan display is brighter with better contrast and visibility.
  • Uses a vast selection of dual
    element and single element contact, delay line, and immersion transducers.
  • EMAT transducers
    for no-couplant steel thickness measurements through heavily scaled surfaces.
  • The file-based
    alphanumeric datalogger can use longer file names (32 character max) and ID numbers (20 character
  • Every thickness reading in a stored B-scan can now be reviewed in the GageView
    Interface Program and on the gage.
  • Select to view (Min/Max, Alarm, or A-scan flags) flags for
    Grid points.
  • Grid files can be expanded by adding rows or columns or by changing the
    incrementing direction.


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