The ITI Series 123000 Rigid Borescopes are high performance optical systems with a variety of body styles.

ITI’s Rigid Borescopes offer the clearest optical images and are designed to match critical video camera requirements. These industrial borescopes are cost-effective and are engineered with greater edge illumination, top quality dependability, and model-specific exceptional advances.

Choose from 5 different body styles, each with Field of View (FOV) and Line of Sight (LOS) options:

  • Standard Body – Has a fixed LOS and FOV and includes a range focus and illumination fibers.
  • Orbital Scan Body – Users can perform panoramic examinations, rotating the scope 375˚ around the axis of the industrial borescope without rotating the fiber cable.  The camera also rotates with the probe, ensuring correct video orientation.
    Orbital Scan
  • Axial Scan Body – The Axial Scan is like 3 probes in one with panoramic illumination, and ability to quickly switch viewing angles from 40d˚ Forward to 125˚ Right Angle.

    Axial Scan
  • Zoom Body – ITI offers a true 4x zoom borescope with either a 40˚ FOV or zoomed in 10˚.

    Zoom Scan
  • Scan/Zoom – This high resolution industrial borescope combines the features of the Axial Scan and Zoom bodies.  Use the scan features for overall coverage and zoom in for detailed examination.

    Scan/Zoom Scan



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