Inuktun Spectrum 90



The Spectrum 90 with pan, tilt and zoom is one of the most popular
Inuktun cameras on the market. With a 40x zoom, 1/4in CCD color camera, the SP90 provides 460+ TV
lines of resolution at 1.5lux sensitivity. At a diameter of only 3.5in / 90mm, the Spectrum 90
can go almost anywhere you need to see.

The current model features variable intensity LED lighting with improved brightness and two laser lines at a fixed separation to assist the user with measuring objects and defects.


  • Robust, reliable and lightweight construction
  • Compact size for confined spaces and portability
  • Sensitive controls for precise operation
  • Operate in air and underwater
  • Permanent or mobile installations
  • Depth rated to 100ft/30m
  • Pan/tilt position feedback
  • Built-in inclinometer


  • Toxic environment, confined space or underwater inspection
  • Small diameter pipe inspection
  • Dam and lock inspection
  • Reactor vessel inspection
  • Foreign object search and retrieval
  • Robotics and remote tooling
  • ROV integration
  • Corrosion evaluation
  • Remote and/or continuous monitoring

and many more…


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