Insight Vision Rycom 8873 Pathfinder



The 8873 cable, pipe, camera and Sonde locator offers two versions of the
dual active frequency packages — 512 Hz & 82 kHz or 512Hz & 33kHz– ensuring the ability to
track any manufacturer’s camera or Sonde system operating on 512 Hz. Rycom Instruments® Sondes can
be used to locate pinches and blocks in non-pressurized conduits and pipes. Sonde frequencies are
matched to the frequency of the receiver. Sondes at all frequencies will trace through conduit up to
20 feet in the air or 10 feet in cast iron. 

Simple to operate, the ergonomically designed and balanced 8873 receiver pinpoints inspection cameras, and Sondes in nonmetallic conduits in a peak mode. A large backlit digital display provides both relative and actual signal strength while a variable tone pitch gives an audio indication to the signal. The triple antennae configuration provides push-button depth accurate up to 15 feet and works in a peak, pin-point peak and null modes when used with a transmitter.

Whether locating water lines, sewer lines, inspection cameras, or Sondes, this is an economical and dependable locator for companies of all sizes.


  • Ideal for locating sondes & cameras up to 18 ft.
  • Digital readout & push-button depth
  • Active frequencies – 512HZ
  • Accurate and simple to use
  • Includes storage bag and operation manual


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