Dakota CMX-DL Plus



The Dakota CMX DL Plus is a hand-held Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge that
includes a variety of features aimed at making NDT inspections easier.

This portable scanner has the ability to measure material and coating thicknesses simultaneously
while detecting pits and flaws.  The CMX DL Plus ultrasonic thickness gauge features an
A-Scan presentation with RF and Rectified viewing options. A host of time saving features are also
included such as auto probe zero, auto probe recognition, auto temperature compensation, and paint
and coating thickness compensation. Achieve precision linearity via a selectable transducer table
and material and coating calibration options.

The Dakota CMX DL Plus ultrasonic thickness gauge is built for maximum inspection efficiency by
offering high speed scanning, alarm modes, fully adjustable gates, and push-button mode switching
between detecting pits/flaws or paint/coating detection.  Added flexibility makes this
ultrasonic thickness gauge the premier choice of the Dakota CMX line.


  • Auto probe zero, recognition and temperature compensation.
  • 64 custom setup configurations.
  • High speed scan up to 50 readings per second.
  • Audible alarm with hi/lo limits.
  • Built-in differential mode for QC inspections.


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