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MFE Inspection Solutions Drone Piloting Courses

Choose between our Two-Day Introductory Course in preparation for the FAA Part 107 Exam for commercial drone operation or our Five-Day Advanced Remote Piloting Course to receive training in advanced industrial environmental inspection.


Introduction to Phantom 4 Piloting

Our two-day course prepares students for the FAA Part 107 exam for commercial drone operators, and provides introductory training to DJI Phantom 4 piloting.


FAA Part 107 Exam Preparation
  • Regulations
  • Airspace
  • Flight Restrictions
  • Chart Study
  • Operations around Airports
  • Radio Communications
  • Maintenance
  • Preflight Procedures
  • Resource Management
  • Loading and Performance
  • Hazards and Emergencies
  • Aviation Physiology
  • Taking the Exam


DJI Phantom 4 Pro Training
  • System Setup
  • Using the DJI Go 4 App
  • The Remote Controller
  • DJI Intelligent Battery
  • The Camera and Gimbal
  • Advanced Settings
  • Emergencies
  • Autonomous Flight Modes
  • Flight training
  • Developing a Pre-Departure Checklist Conducting a Site Survey


    Advanced Remote Piloting
    Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems

    Our five-day course includes all instruction from our two-day course, and then also explores the complexities involved in advanced commercial drone operation for use in industrial environment inspection.


    DJI Inspire Training
    • Introduction
    • System Setup
    • Flight Training

    How to set-up a Base of Operations
    Establishing a Safe Flight Environment
    Creating a Pre-Flight Checklist
    Potential Hazards of Lithium Batteries


    DJI Matrice Training
    • Introduction
    • System Setup
    • Flight Training
    • Camera choices

    Composing the Picture
    Developing Inflight Checklists
    Emergency Checklists and Procedures

  • Loss of orientation
  • Loss of GPS signal
  • Compass error
  • THURSDAY (cont)

    DJI Inspire Training
    • Loss of direct line-of-sight
    • Loss of video feed
    • Fly-away
    • Erratic movement
    • Structures in line of flight
    • Other Aircraft
    • Reporting Property damage
    • Reporting Injury

    Producing an After-Landing checklist


    An Intro to DroneDeploy
    • Creating a Flightplan that works
    • Fly the Plan with DroneDeploy
    • Monitoring the Flight
    • Post-Flight Processing
    • Exporting Data Files

    Operations Management w/FlightHub
    Good to Know: Software, Apps
    and other Resources.

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